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SO Legal Nurse Consultants?

Proposed case: A parent comes to you because child’s shunt clotted off resulting in permanent brain damage and a vegetative state and they want “compensation for the wrong that was done”.

Do you know that are multiple types of shunts a child can have, each one performing a different purpose, depending on location, with varying degrees of complexity, and tenacity of specific care precautions to maintain intended function? Do you know all it takes is one small mistake or even oversight for some shunts to lose their ability to function, resulting in severe or even fatal consequences? Do you know all the details about the type(s) of shunt(s) this child had? These children often have comorbidities that can impact function and care of a shunt. Do you have time to review the voluminous medical records? Do you know how to look for what went wrong to even determine if this case can be won? Does your paralegal know?

Healthcare is a continuously evolving world with its own language, complex individualized morbidities, and diverse care methods and documentation styles. When a healthcare matter is involved in litigation and you receive hundreds to thousands of medical records for a single case you want someone on the front lines, someone who knows the ins and outs of healthcare, someone who knows what to look for and where to look for it, someone who spends day in and day out evaluating, organizing, and coordinating care… a Legal Nurse Consultant!

SO Legal Nurse Consultants…

At Sosebee & Associates, we are a group of healthcare providers passionate about our profession. We have worked diligently to excel in our workplaces and now desire to share our knowledge for enhancement of the legal realm. Every day we have awakened early, every sleepless night, every shift we have given our all, every minute we have advocated for our patients, every hand we have held and tear we have wiped away or shed has prepared us and led us to this amazing opportunity. We share a drive for success and a dedication to excellence. Our degrees and certifications don’t teach us much about law. Likewise your degrees and trial experiences don’t teach you everything you need to know about healthcare. Who better to increase your efficiency than a profession who knows the ins and outs of healthcare? Who better to help you win your case than a team who meticulously and methodically desire to generate wins for their patients and their teams? Let us partner with you and enhance your case today!

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